Wheelchair_sm   Brant Hills is fully wheelchair accessible, including washroom.

We are committed to provide a safe environment for our children and youth. We strictly follow the guidelines outlined in the Presbyterian Church of Canada “Leading with Care” policy document, which can be viewed HERE.

2018 Youth Activities

Our Youth Group activities are planned to provide fun and fellowship, with a strong focus on working together on mission projects. Over the past 10 years our youth have raised over $16,000.00 for mission projects.

Frequent fellowship activities are organized with the other three Presbyterian churches in Burlington to encourage sharing of experiences and resources. Camp Kintail provides another excellent opportunity to explore, and build, strong spiritual experiences.

Our curriculum is topical and timely, using online Internet resources as support during our investigations and discussions.

Our church facilities are used by outside Brownie, Guides, and Pathfinders groups, which supports continuity between church and outside partner groups.

2018 Youth Mission Project

In 2018 the Brant Hills Presbyterian Church Youth Group is raising funds in support of the Presbyterian Sharing ministry in Kenora Ontario.

Anamiewigummig (Kenora Fellowship Centre) – Kenora, ON

The Kenora Fellowship Centre provides sanctuary and hospitality for those marginalized and alienated by poverty and addiction. It operates as a drop-in centre and works with legal services, detoxification programs, street patrol and other essential services in the community.

It offers the homeless a twenty-four hour shelter during the winter and other services as needs become apparent. It also hosts a day-time drop-in centre and soup kitchen. A weekly worship service that is held on Sunday afternoons sometimes includes a sharing circle, drumming and the sharing of traditional foods.

Kenora 1

2017 Mission Project

From worship services to food banks, to programs for un- and under-employed, Winnipeg Inner City Missions (WICM) services the Aboriginal community and anyone else in the neighbourhood who seeks out help. All of their programs and professional services are offered free-of-charge.

Place of Hope provides safe, clean housing combined with advocacy, counselling and referral. Here, individuals find new hope and renewed life as they participate in the First Steps to Employment Project. This project gives people the space, safety, and support they need to help grow in their self-esteem, to heal beyond past wounds and to launch out into a new life. This ministry is all about setting fee the captives and the oppressed. WICM is also engaged in healing and reconciliation work, as God has called the Church to help people heal from past hurts, to reconcile with God and each other , and to forge a new path forward. Presbyterian Sharing supports WICM as it works toward a vision of a restored inner-city community where less advantaged individuals find their own path to healing, reconciliation and wholesome life.

2016 Mission Project

In Nicaragua PWS&D is working to address the underlying causes of hunger and improve nutrition .

43 percent of the population live below the poverty line, making it the second poorest country in the western hemisphere. Rationing between growing cycles and the rising costs of healthy food, seeds and fertilizers makes it extremely difficult to increase crop production or balance diets. Over 19 percent of the population is undernourished and children experience delays in their growth.

PWS&D is working with The Soya Association of Nicaragua (SOYNICA) and The Pro-Denominational Alliance Council of Evangelical Churches (CEPAD). Through innovative development programs, smallholder farmers are learning how to replace environmentally destructive practices with more sustainable techniques and adapt to the changing climate.

2015 Mission Project

At end-May, 2015, the youth group has raised more than $1400.00 for the following PWS&D project.

Presbyterian World Service & Development’s (PWS&D) integrated community health and economic initiatives are empowering marginalized people in India to improve their living conditions and become catalysts for change.

PWS&D is working with local organizations Madurai Non-Formal Education Centre (MNEC), Institute for Development Education (IFDE), Roofs for the Roofless to help women and men from India’s slums and rural areas are improving their quality of life through literacy, vocational and business management training. Together, they form self-help and access modest loans to start small business ventures. Programs mobilize marginalized women (including Dalit and tribal women) to discuss issues of gender, empowerment, women’s rights and other commonly faced challenges.

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2014 Mission Project

In 2014 the Youth Group has selected two PSW&D projects for which they will be fundraising. (1) With “Fresh Water Renewal” they will help a community access a sustainable water supply and proper sanitation facilities in order to prevent the spread of waterborne illnesses, enable children to attend school and provide both drinking water and irrigation for crops. (2) “Sowing the Seeds of Food Security” will help subsistence farmers in developing countries who often work hard on small plots of land, struggling to provide food for their families. Our gift of money will provide not only food for today, but also the skills to improve crops, conserve resources, reduce vulnerability and earn an income.

Thank you for your support in 2014. We have raised $1158 for this project.

2013 Mission Project

The Youth Group selected a World Vision project to provide a traditional tent-home for a family in Mongolia where the temperatures can dip to -40 Celsius. Thank you for your support. In 2013 we have raised $1568 for this project.

2012 Mission Project
In 2012, the Youth Group, raised $1300.00 for their El Salvador mission project.

2011 Mission Project

In 2011 the youth group raised over $1200.00 for support of Canada Foodgrains Bank and donated $186.00 through PWSD to the Newfoundland “Hurricane Igor” relief fund.

2010 Mission Project

In 2010 the youth group purchased a “stable of animals” for a family in Africa, through the World Vision organization.

Since the year 2003, our Youth Group has raised over $15,000 for:
•PSW&D “Fresh Water Renewal” and “Sowing the Seeds of Food Security”
•Mongolian traditional tent-home
•Sleeping Children Around the World
•Habitat for Humanity
•Towards a World without AIDS
•Malawi well dig
•Farm project in Ukraine
•Afghanistan food crisis
•World Vision “Build a Stable”
•Canadian Foodgrains Bank
•El Salvador
•Newfoundland Hurricane Igor Relief Fund